Links: psychotherapy, analysis and Jung 

The West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy (WMIP) organises regular public events and lectures in Birmingham, including an ongoing programme of public lectures by analytical therapists and other colleagues. 


Karnac Books is a specialist bookshop with a very wide range of titles available. 


Jung's autobiography is entitled Memories, Dreams, Reflections. A recent collection of thematic quotes from his extensive writings is entitled The Quotable Jung. 


Susie Orbach's In Therapy: The Unfolding Story gives fictionalised cameos of therapy sessions with individuals and couples, drawing on her experience of many decades.


The psychoanalyst Stephen Grosz's book The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves gives his account of his work (from a more Freudian perspective) with some of his patients over many years.


Alison Bechdel's wonderful graphic novel Are You My Mother? gives an insight into her own experience of therapy. Her book is also an excellent introduction to the work of Donald Winnicott, a very influential psychoanalyst and paediatrician whose insights continue to shape our work today.